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Members of SAG-AFTRA include actors, extras, voiceover artists, stunt

Your shoot is non-union and several freelance crew members ask to be paid as independent contractors. They’re freelance so there shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Actually, there could be. Freelance does not necessarily equal independent contractor.

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

The TEAM Companies will help you understand who is likely an employee is and the risks of mis classifying them as independent contractors.

For crew that should be paid as employees, we provide employer of record payroll services helping manage the taxation and workers compensation requirements. We will answer questions and provide labor insight to help ensure compliance with state and federal labor laws and will guide you through the complexities of Earned Sick Time, The Affordable Care Act, and Payroll Due Date Regulations.

performers, singers, dancers, puppeteers and a host of other professionals working on and off camera. Multiple SAG-AFTRA agreements cover these performers depending on the nature of the project, and within each agreement are a wide range of parameters which govern such things as:

  • Rate of pay
  • Number of performers on the project who are required to be union members
  • When the union agreement applies and to which performers

The TEAM Companies Talent Payroll group has subject matter experts in many of the SAG-AFTRA agreements including Commercials, Corporate/Educational, Made For New Media (which includes internet), Music Video and Interactive (electronic games). We help clients determine which agreement applies to their project and navigate the nuances of that agreement.